A few facts about this blog and me

Hi, I’m Heather. That’s me front and centre, in front of Havana Cathedral. Like many visitors to Cuba, I’m Canadian; but unlike most visitors, I’ve got Cuban friends who’ve shared their country with me.

I hope this blog will give you a taste of the uniqueness of Cuba and encourage you to explore the country on your own. Beaches are fine, but if all you want to do is lie on a beach for two weeks, you might as well go to Florida. In my posts, I make a point of  describing places in Cuba that most tourists never see. I also like to write about the typically Cuban moments I’ve experienced as an individual tourist. I plan to post an entry at least once every 2 weeks, so if you want to be notified of each new post, please sign up to follow me.

My travels in Cuba started in December 2008 and are still going on. If you want to read a more complete account of my experiences in Cuba, check out my book, Among Friends: Travels in Cuba, which has its own Facebook page.  Or if you’d like to see more photos of Cuba, you can visit the photo website that accompanies the book.

A list of random things about me: I live in Switzerland, am a lapsed vegetarian, often go hiking, have walked the Camino in Spain and France, recently hiked Australia, love reading Bill Bryson, Gerald Durrell and Kate Atkinson, am a Harvard graduate.